Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Lesson Learned

Story of the day...
So as I was driving home tonight, I got pulled over for speeding. Okay I did something wrong, right? YEP!
Well here is where I'm frustrated... There was a person in front of me going a lot faster. The cop even brought it up himself, and I knew the right way to respond to this unfairness (is life fair?), "Officer I'm not going to bring up someone else's mistake and compare it to my own mistake." Was this hard to say or even hard to overcome my emotions? YECK YES! But it was a reality I had to face. We all too often want to pass the blame unto someone else or say, well that wasn't fair I deserve the same don't I? As I was driving home as I broke down- school/work/family/money everything that was physically and mentally wearing me down, but in the mist of it all I knew that I did something right today as hard as it was. In life we will face many obstacles, but somehow we overcome these obstacles, but it will be up to us as how we handle it.

It would be SO much easier to get mad at the officer, who pulled me over or the person ahead of me who didn't get a ticket for doing something wrong as well, but what good would that do for me or anyone else.

I need to take tonight's lesson and apply it my life. I need to find courage to speak my mind, but let go of the circumstances that don't matter. Lately it seems as if I am drained and physically exhausted (I hate to admit this/I want to be prefect) because I keep wanting to do everything to make this world a better place, but I have forgotten to start in the simplest, most basic way. Becuase of this exhaustion I have been moody and short with people, when that is hypocritical of my simple goal of creating peace and happiness in others. I'm truly sorry for this, but know I am trying so hard to do otherwise...

A part of me still wants fight this ticket(I am beyond stubborn), but it has become a learning lesson for me, and no it is not what one might think. I still want to be a race car driver someday, speeding is in my blood. ;) j/k (but maybe it is) HAHA